Data is becoming more expansive and dynamic every day. The systems that manage and consume data need to be smarter.

DatumSHIFT uses multiple data storage techniques to manage datasets around the way they are actually used, deriving maximum value.

It can be used right out the box, and easily customised and extended.

Managed content

All your data, documents, and activity, stored in a single place

Dynamic content

Content is not static; references, symbolisation, contacts and other data links automatically update across documents and data objects

Communicate; collaborate

Workgroups, comments, polls and quizzes. Internal messaging, update notifications and reminders.

Editorial controls

Grant access at user and group level;

track changes;

add editorial approval

Unlimited distribution

Use our apps, query data via secure API or publish to remote systems using XML or other data format.

Any device, anywhere

Large data stores kept centrally and safely, with key subsets sync'd to mobile devices for offline use without saturation.

Safe and secure

We operate our own, 24/7 monitored, secure hardware platform.


For enterprise and individual departmental requirements.

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Want to find out more about how our technology can help you get more value from your intellectual property?

Our apps can be used off the shelf to share data, documents and other content, and communicate across the enterprise, within project groups or external teams.

We can also build bespoke systems to meet more specific requirements.

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